Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bienvenue à la Fashion Week de Paris!

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Last fall I had the pleasure of meeting an enthusiastic young woman who was looking to make her mark in the fashion world. Her and I stayed in touch and I provided some advice and coaching from time to time and now she has an incredible opportunity to be in Paris during fashion week from February 27th to March 5th, 2014. So let me introduce you to Moirae Choquette!

                                                       Photo Credit: Nineteen Elements Photography

What better way to integrate yourself into the world of fashion than to be thrown right into it! I am thrilled to announce that Moirae Choquette will be guest blogging from Paris Fashion Week with us here at Style Guy! This means that Moirae will be sharing her insider stories, experiences and interviews with our fashion insider network, the talented models and agents of Images International Model Management, the folks at SHAVE magazine and of course my colleagues and friends over at CTV Bell Media.

Here is a quick preview video highlighting some of the shows Moirae will be reporting on so stay tuned to the blog to make sure you don't miss a moment of the excitement!

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bonobos S/S 2014 Shirts for Men

Every man should have a few good dress shirts in his closet. If you're a gay man, it's probably more like 30, if you're a straight man, it could be 2. Regardless, even if you don't wear a shirt and tie to work every day, there is always an occasion to wear a great shirt.

As a man who falls into the first category, I am often intrigued by the promise of a great shirt. One that not only fits right in the body, but is long enough in the sleeves and has enough design savvy to not have  a buttoned-down collar. (Not that I have anything against buttoned-down collars, they have their time and their place, but that quite honestly, is a whole other blog post!) But, I digress... so naturally when Bonobos contacted me my reaction was...

...who the fuck is Bonobos?! Let's be honest, you were all thinking it. So I did some research and it turns out, they are pretty hip company based out of New York City with a mission to supply men with great basics from shirts, to pants and everything in between. Now for us in Canada, we would be shopping through their online services, which aren't bad for Canadians and they even do us a solid on the shipping rates!

That of course brings us to question number two, which is why should you care about Bonobos? Especially when you can buy equally stylish, equally preppy, equally smart looking shirts from J.Crew, Frank&Oak or even Club Monaco. And the answer is that I am not entirely sure. You see, I was really hoping for the opportunity to try out one of their shirts prior to writing this piece, but that unfortunately was not possible, so you and I are both left wondering, how good is Bonobos really? 

So let's review the facts:

1) Bonobos is all about fit. They have spent months to perfect three perfect fit options, which when you read these seem less impressive, but here we go: Standard, Slim and Tailored Slim. Now again, I know what you're thinking, but let's keep an open mind here.

2) Standard Fit is for the average guy. It fits a bit more trim than your 'standard' off the rack dress shirt, meaning that they clean up some of the extra fabric in the body to give it a cleaner look.

3) Slim Fit is for the more slender guy. Tailored body, narrowed sleeves, definitely more of a fitted look.

4) Tailored Slim Fit is the most fitted, with a definitive taper and is as close to made-to-measure as Bonobos gets.

If you've read this far, I suggest giving these guys a go, particularly if you are in the market for a new dress shirt. I'd love to hear your comments on fit, quality, etc. And the new Bonobos shirt line launches Wednesday February 19th, so be sure to check it out and share your Bonobos stories with me in the comments below!

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Photographer Profile: Curtis Trent

This week I go behind the camera with Canadian photographer Curtis Trent. Curtis is an exceptional photographer who works across multiple industries and always manages to get the best out of his subjects. Curtis and I have collaborated on numerous projects for Avenue Magazine, shooting fashion editorial, Style Q&A's and even Edmonton Oilers Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle.

This week Curtis is in Calgary for the 2014 CAPIC Showcases, which highlights the creative works of some of Western Canada's best Commercial Photographers. Curtis took a few minutes from his schedule to chat with me about his career and his passion for the craft.


Some of Curtis' works that will be on display at the CAPIC Showcase.

SG. How would you describe your work as a photographer?
CT. I work in a variety of areas of photography from lifestyle to portrait to fashion. I am particularly drawn to portraiture and the narrative you can create.

SG. What types of projects give you the greatest sense of satisfaction?
CT. Some of my favourite projects are the ones where I have the most freedom to interpret an idea of a story my own way. I am also inspired when there are very specific criteria that include props and production that help establish that narrative. This can sometimes be the most exciting and surprising. I like stories and spending time developing an idea with an ongoing body of work.

SG. How did you get your start as a photographer?
CT. I always knew I would be involved in visual art; as Lady Gaga would say, "I was born that way!" My older brother is a photographer which piqued my interest. I spent my early years apprenticing with some excellent mentors in New York and Toronto, which eventually led to work in editorial, design and advertising.

SG. You have been a tremendous mentor to many young photographers and you have even taught at local Universities; why is it important for you to give back?
CT. I’m as passionate now as when I began shooting. I get as much as I give as a mentor. The energy and curiosity my students have, is contagious, and vise versa. I also place value on teaching as part of my role in the photographic community. One goal of mine as an educator is to pass on the importance of craft in photography as it can get overlooked amidst the ever changing technology. And to challenge the perception that if you have a camera or smart phone, you are a photographer.  

SG. Your work is being featured at the CAPIC Showcase, how do you feel about having your work on display as part of this showcase?
CT.  It’s very important for me to have people see my work, beyond the specific audience for which it was originally made. It’s also important to have these opportunities to see what my peers are doing and have the chance to celebrate our work together. 

You can see Curtis's work along with many other of Western Canada's top photographers at the Village Brewery for the CAPIC Showcase February 12th till the 21st. For more details click here!

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Model Life: Lisa Cant

Photo Credit: Vogue Mexico

It is every agency's dream to find a star, but in the modelling business stars are few and far between. There are so many factors that have to come together, hard work, making the right connections, having the right personality and being in the right place at the right time. Images International Model Management's supermodel, Lisa Cant, who has appeared on multiple Vogue covers as well as in campaigns for Chanel and countless others, recently found a few moments to connect with me and reflect on her career, her personal life and why she has been so successful in the industry.

SG. What is your idea of perfect happiness?
LC. Spending time with my baby, Charlie and his father.

SG. What is your greatest fear?
LC. Not living up to people's expectations of me. Oh, and mice!

SG. What is your greatest extravagance?
LC. I spend a lot on baby gadgets- I love to see Charlie try out new things.

SG. What is your favourite journey?
LC. I love going to France. Paris is magical and the south has such a wonderful lifestyle.

SG. Why did you decide to go back to school?
LC. I wanted to do something totally different from modelling and I wanted the structure that a university can provide. I knew that I wanted to learn more about the world, as my exposure to it had been pretty limited to the fashion industry for so many years.

SG. What do you love most about what you do for a living?
LC. It is exciting to see myself in magazines, even after all this time. I never see the person there as "me"- it is always a vision of the photographer.

SG. On what occasion do you lie?
LC. I don't always remember people that I've met from a long time ago, or only worked with once. I try not to let that show however, and pretend that of course I remember them from that one fashion show, 9 years ago!

SG. What do you consider to be your best physical feature?
LC. I am known for my big eyes...

SG. What has been your favourite project or work you've done to date?
LC. I think my shoots with photographer, Paolo Roversi were some of the most beautiful, but I think shooting with Irving Penn was the most impressive.

SG. Which talent would you most like to have?
LC. I would love to be able to sing- I am the worst singer ever, but I do sing all the time to my baby, and he loves it! Although I am sure in a few years he may not appreciate those off-key notes as much!

SG. Who in the industry has had the biggest influence on your career?
LC. Steven Meisel really put me on the map with back to back covers of Italian Vogue. I did however work more consistently with Tim Walker, we worked together on many projects.

SG. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
LC. I would be more outgoing and confident.

SG. If you were to die and come back as a person or thing, what do you think it would be?
LC. A sloth. I enjoy being very, very lazy sometimes.

SG. What is your most treasured possession?
LC. My engagement ring.

SG. Where would you like to live?
LC. I would like to live in England one day.

SG. What is the quality you most admire in a man?
LC. Trustworthiness.

SG. What do you value most in your friends?
LC. Being a good listener.

SG. Who is your favourite hero of fiction?
LC. Harry Potter.

SG. What are you most looking forward to this year?
LC. Hearing Charlie speak for the first time. I can't wait to find out what is going on in that little head.

SG. What advice would you give to a model just starting in the industry?
LC. If you really want it, you need to persevere. If clients aren't booking you then try another market. You need to go into each casting and charm them. Personality DOES matter.

Thanks so much Lisa for taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences. I look forward to celebrating Images 30th Anniversary with you this spring!

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Hudson's Bay to Sell Assets in Toronto & Open Sak's

This morning Hudson's Bay announced it's plans to sell it's flagship store and neighboring head office tower in Toronto to Cadillac Fairview Corp for approximately $650 million CAD. The long-standing Canadian retailer would then lease-back the space opening a 150,000sqft full-line Sak's store in the fall of 2015. Hudson's Bay acquired the luxury retailer in a $2.4 billion deal last year. In addition to the brand, Hudson's Bay also acquired numerous lucrative real estate holdings, including property on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

This move comes in response to heavy competition from Seattle based luxury retailer Nordstorm's which is opening it's first store in Calgary, AB this fall with plans to open another 6 Canadian locations by early 2015. Nordstrom's, which has taken over many of the prominent Sears former locations, is known for their exceptional customer service.

Hudson's Bay CEO Richard Baker says the company will use the money from the sale to reduce debt and invest in growth opportunities. The company roots can be traced back to the early fur trade days in Canada in the 1600's. Hudson's Bay owns and operates The Bay and Home Outfitters in Canada as well as Sak's and Lord & Taylor in the United States.

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Get Ready February- Images is taking the month by storm!

There are so many factors that need to come together when it comes to the world of being a model. First you have to be discovered, which can literally happen anywhere as Cirke Nielsen's mother warned her on their family trip to Disneyland last year- 'don't talk to any strangers- unless they are a model scout' which of course was the perfect foreshadowing for when Images top scout and development guru Brenda Rains scouted her over by the Teacups!

What happens next though is heavily reliant on the model and it can be a challenging road. From eating healthy, drinking enough water, getting exercise, maintaining your measurements, to practicing your runway walk, learning photo movement and figuring out how to use your entire body to convey an emotion or an attitude. Some push through and make it, many more fail to launch, but for the ones who work hard and do make it, the rewards can be many.

As we look forward to February, Images has an exciting new crop of models coming into their own. These are no new overnight stories, these girls have been working for quite some time to get to this stage and they are ready to go and show everyone what makes them an Images model!

CIRKE NIELSEN - discovered in Disneyland, based in Dubai and using the power of social media and other online tools to interact with, train and learn her craft, this young model is undoubtedly one to watch! Cirke was just offered her first Tokyo contract with Satoru Agency!

JENNIFER BUGERA- is excited to have her braces come off this month and after past experiences walking in regional shows, including for previous Mercedes Benz Start Up finals in both Edmonton and Calgary, Jennifer is heading to Toronto this February for World Mastercard Fashion Week!

BRITTNEY TYRRELL- will be joining Jennifer in Toronto as she is now being represented by Spot 6 Management!

IVY MATHESON- after spending time travelling last year, Ivy has hit her stride and is on the cover of Elle Singapore for February 2014!

Congrats to all of the Images models, including Hannah and Liana who are currently working in Itlay! Not a bad start to the 30th anniversary year for Images!

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Model Update: Jenna Earle S/S2014

Jenna backstage at the Guy Laroche 
S/S2014 show in Paris

My last model update on the lovely Ms. Jenna Earle was back in August of 2012 and as you can probably imagine, quite a bit has changed for this rising star since then! Jenna has continued her hard work and found a few moments to catch up with me over tea during my recent visit to New York City. Always gracious, Jenna agreed to answer a few questions for you all! Enjoy!

SG. What was your favourite part of 2013? JE. You ask some good questions! I had so many great times in 2013! I can't pick just one. From the shows in Paris and New York to my vacation in the mountains... I loved it all.
SG. You have been working a lot in New York over the last year, do you have a favorite neighborhood or restaurant? What are some of your NYC favs? JE. I live in the East Village! There are so many amazing vegan restaurants that I am constantly going to. The Juice Press is great for a quick snack on the go. As for restaurants, I am still narrowing down my favourites Chelsea Market is always nice to walk around. The whole meatpacking district is fun! (Isn't that ironic- The meatpacking district for a vegan)
SG. Of the projects you've worked on in the last year, which one was the most memorable for you? JE. I've had the pleasure of working with an amazing photographer, Ben Hassett a few times in the past year. He has provided me with some amazing jobs and support in the past 6 months. I am so thankful. He is very personable, and I appreciate that so much more when I am working now.
SG. What are you looking forward to in 2014? JE. I am looking forward to graduating!
SG. I know you successfully completed a raw vegan challenge with your mom, do you have other resolutions for the year? JE. I would love to do another raw vegan "challenge" again this year. It's not too much of a challenge for me anymore, but it's fun because there are so many new recipes. I love to cook. You can ask any of my roommates My other goal is going to Sweden with a friend! Be sure to check out these photos of Jenna in the Spring 2014 campaign for Anteprima shot by Ben Hassett!

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